Dr. Jeff Balon is an Ottawa native who went to the University of Waterloo for his Bachelor of Science degree followed by receiving his Doctor of chiropractic diploma in Toronto at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1982. He practiced as a chiropractor in Ottawa for 7 years and then went to McMaster University for his medical degree followed by Dalhousie University for his family medicine residency.

Upon graduation in 1994 he returned to Ottawa and practiced as both a family physician and chiropractor as co-director of the Holistic Clinic in Ottawa. Dr. Balon and family moved to Newmarket in 2003 to become the corporate medical director for AIM Health Group (AHG), a large Canadian health services company. During his time in Toronto Dr. Balon expanded his knowledge about research by leading the community based trial division of the Pharmaceutical Integrated Research Corporation, a division of AHG. He has previously published a research study on chiropractic and asthma in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Balon and family moved back home to Ottawa in late 2009 to return to more direct clinical care in family practice and pain management. Dr. Balon is passionate about helping individuals to become more active in achieving, maintaining and promoting their health and the health of their family and loved ones from birth to death. He has great interest and many years of experience in functional medicine. He has strong evidence-based knowledge as well as practical experience in clinical care in multi-disciplinary settings. In addition Dr. Balon is very active himself in sports and has a keen interest and appreciation for fitness, exercise and maximizing performance as well as injury prevention and treatment.

Dr. Balon is excited about providing comprehensive health services to Stittsville and region residents through the Stittsville Integrative Medicine Centre.

Family Physician / Chiropractor

Dr. Jeffrey Balon


Achieving, maintaining, and promoting health throughout life.

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The Stittsville Integrative Medicine Centre is excited to provide a health clinic that offers many options in health care. Our mission is to assist individuals in achieving, maintaining, and promoting health throughout their lives irrespective of their current age or health condition.

We utilize scientifically supported health approaches from both mainstream medicine and Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

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